Why Hire A Coach?


“Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot, but make the iron hot by striking.”
~ William Butler Yeats

raised wooden pathThis is the essence of coaching, as I practice it. If you want a coach to stretch and challenge you, then you have come to the right place.  So , welcome!  My name is Mary Miller and I can help you and your organization envision and create the future you want – for yourself, your business, or your employees.

I’m especially interested in working with organizations and people interested in sustainability and applying a global perspective to all decisions.  Why?  By stretching people and organizations to make humane, holistic business choices in regards to their employees, I can encourage creation of healthy, sustainable organizations that attract, retain, and develop the best talent.  These are the people who – in turn – make these organizations more successful in both the economic marketplace and the marketplace of ideas!

So how can a coach help you or your organization?

People hire coaches for many reasons. In my experience, these reasons all come down to one common thread – people want to make changes in their lives and businesses. They want to think differently and do differently. They want to find a better path to get from where they are to where they want to be.

One of the best things about coaching is the premise that you already have – within yourself – the know-how to move into the future you desire. A coach provides support and structure so you can bring that information to your awareness and use it to make choices to get where you want to go and how you want to get there.  Coaching can be done very effectively over the phone, or it can be done in person. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding if a coach is right for you.

  • What is the biggest change you’d like to make right now, assuming you had all the support you need?
  • By your own definition of success – not that of society or your parents or anyone else – how successful are you right now?
  • What are you really passionate about and how do you want to express it?
  • If you hired me as your coach for yourself or your organization, what is the first thing you would want us to work on together?
  • What is your vision for your ideal business or career?
  • What is your vision for your ideal life?

So, why choose me as your coach?

If you choose me as your coach, whether for personal or professional coaching, I’ll ask you to do two things. Be true to your authentic self as we explore, and take action to create the life and opportunities you want.

Coaching works best when the following are true . . .

  1. You want to make changes in your thinking and actions to achieve your desired outcomes.
  2. You are willing to make those changes and to experiment.
  3. You and your coach are compatable and share a mutual respect for each other.
  4. You can commit time and resources to the coaching process for a minimum of three to four months.

raised wooden path