Are you evolving?

July 25, 2012

Yesterday, I treated myself to a visit to the National Botanical Garden down on the Washington, D.C. Mall.  The garden is one of my favorite places in DC because there are so many interesting and unusual plants in the greenhouses.  I walked around and observed the huge range of plant forms and methods for survival in harse environments.  I thought about how businesses can adapt and evolve to be successful – even in difficult economic times or when competition for customers or talent is great.

So, here’s my question for you as a business owner, executive, and employee: Are you evolving?  How are you adapting to the challenges and opportunities in today’s work environment?  Cactus live in the desert.  They evolved the capacity to store water and minimized evaporation by turning leaves into spines.  Some rainforest trees grow very tall so they can reach the top of the canopy and get direct sunlight, while other plants living in the relative shade at the bottom of the rainforest developed a symbiotic relationship with the tall trees so they can get nutition in other ways.  Carnivorous plants like the Venus Flytrap actually digest insects because they live in bogs with very little nourishment coming from the soil.  All these plants have had many millennia to evolve.  You don’t have that luxury!

My advice: embrace change daily.  Take 10-15 minutes each day for self-reflection.  Do a mini-SWOT on yourself and then take the next step in your evolution.

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