You Get What You Expect

July 31, 2012

I had a great discussion yesterday with a new friend and we were talking about how your expectations drive your experience.  If you always expect to find a parking place, you will!  Think about a time when you were considering buying something like a car or specific book.  You had a clear vision of what you wanted, right?  And once you had that vision, remember how you kept seeing that model or color of car; or how suddenly people started mentioning the book to you.

Why?  It is because your brain is primed and you see or get what you expect to see or get.  This is why affirmations work so well.  I know because I have used affirmations and have seen their powerful results.  An example from my own life: when I was studying to take the California Bar Exam, I created and used an affirmation about passing the Bar on the first try.  The affirmation included a vision of me opening the congratulatory letter.  And, when I passed the Bar on the first try and received that letter, the experience was exactly as I had affirmed it.

So – remember that your thoughts really do impact your life!  It works in all areas of your life from true love to a car.  Take time to figure out what you really want to manifest in your life.  Be conscious about how you think because you will get what you expect.

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