Are You Ignoring Important Data?

September 6, 2012

I’m a life-long gardener, and so I know a bit about trees.  My next door neighbor has three huge trees in his backyard.  One is dead and the other two need extensive pruning.  All these trees, if they fall, would likely hit both of our houses.  I have asked him several times to have the dead tree removed.  Last year, I even paid to part of that tree trimmed where it hung over my house with the hope that if the tree falls it might do less damage.

Last week, a giant limb came down at about 4:30am.  I listened to it crack and fall.  Fortunately, it fell into his backyard and didn’t hit either house.  He just received important data from the tree.  Now I’m wondering if he will be proactive and call in an arborist.  Or, will he ignore the information presented to him (again).

Are you ignoring important data about your business or your life?  It might be news you don’t want to hear; often it is news you don’t want!  However, it could save you considerable heartache or money or time if you simply accept the information and do something with it.  It could even save your life.  So, take that data and invest the time, energy, and/or money it requires to make changes.  Don’t let a dead tree

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