October 4, 2012

I’ve been thinking about routines because I’ve been out of my office and feeling off-schedule.  Then I started thinking about the word itself.  Routine can mean discipline, as in an exercise routine, and that allows you to achieve your desired results.  However, routine can also mean ‘usual’ or ‘normal’ and here is where a routine can trap you.  I’m thinking I need to review some of my routines to be sure they are serving me well.  And, if not, I need to adjust them.  What about you? And, what about your organization?  You might want to check to be sure that routines within your organization are serving a purpose, not simply there because they always have been there.  It might be time to revamp, upgrade, or discard routines that don’t help you.  Ask whether a routine instills useful discipline into the work, or simply wastes time.  If it is the latter, get rid of it!

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