“Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare.”
~ Japanese Proverb

What Type of Coaching?

You can find a coach to work with you on almost anything.  And, while I can coach you in many different areas, my current clients tend to fall into the three broad categories listed below.

Coaching for Business Owners & Executives

Stepping stones in a pond inside a gardenThis includes coaching for entrepreneurs, business owners, employees within an organization, and/or the organization as a whole entity.  The goal of the coaching can be anything from improving a particular employee’s performance to growing the business.  Click on the Business Owners & Executives page for additional information.

Coaching You Through a Transition

I coach people in career, retirement, and other transitions.  Clients in career transitions may seek other employment within their field or move into a completely new field.  When a person wants to start their own business, this type of coaching becomes a combination of career and business coaching.  Other clients may be in transition to retirement or from one situation to a new situation, and wish to explore how to enjoy the next life phase.  More details can be found on the Career, Retirement, and Other Transitions page.

Personal Coaching: It’s Your Life

Personal coaching clients want to change their lives, and my coaching provides them with support and tools to make those changes.  Also known as Life Coaching, clients may have several goals or one specific goal. Learn more about how you can use Personal & Life here.