Career, Retirement, and Other Transitions

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.
~Will Rogers

Career Coaching


dream job in a fortune cookie

It is not news that people spend most of their waking hours working.  It is news to some people that this time can be filled with purpose and passion, energy and excitement, laughter and life.  And, sometimes, you have to try several different careers before you find the right one for you!

I have had at least six different careers, from artisan bread baker to attorney-at-law!  I fully understand this drive to find your ‘place’ in work.  I firmly believe that we all can have that “right livelihood.”  By that, I mean that each one of us can earn money doing something we feel is worthwhile and satisfying while adding positivity and value to the world.

If you are on that quest to find the perfect work for you, I offer you companionship and support in that journey.  Whether you seek employment or want to work on your own, I find the exploration is part of the fun.  I’d love to travel with you!

Other Transitions

Are you moving away from the world of work and trying to figure what to do next with your life?  “Retirement” might be too strong of a word . . . you are just entering the next phase and want some coaching to figure out your new life.  Perhaps you are moving or taking on a significant new role in your life.  Maybe you are newly single or newly coupled.  Maybe you have experienced a big change in your physical abilities.  There are as many transitions in life as there are individuals.  Coaching can steady you as you navigate unfamiliar waters, and hopefully allow you to enjoy the journey.