Personal & Life

“Change is not merely necessary to life – it is life.”    ~ Alvin Toffler

It’s Your Life ~ Live It Fully

As your life or personal coach, I provide you with time and space to focus on yourself and your future.  I listen deeply and without judgment to who you are.  I walk along with you as you explore your options and the vibrant path that is right for you.

For me, every client is an individual.  Each client has his or her own values, perceptions, interests, choices, and integrity.  As your coach, I honor all those and expect the best for you.  If you lose sight of your vision, I remind you of it.  If you get discouraged about reaching your goals, I offer you small bits of advice and ask you to do big things for yourself.  I want you to use me as a resource and to know that you are safe to say anything, explore anything, decide anything.  I support you with compassion as you make your choices.  And, I remind you that you are choosing your path at every moment.  I look forward to walking with you as you build your own path into a vibrant, integrated future.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

live lifeWhether you hire a personal coach for a very specific reason or because of a vague one, it is important that you connect with your coach (me or someone else – interview at least two).  It is a synergistic relationship – together you can do more than each of you could individually.  By hiring a life coach, you are making a choice to be proactive in your life.  Take a moment to ponder these questions . . .

  • If you had to describe yourself – the essence of who you are – in five adjectives, what would they be?
  • What is your vision for your life?
  • Now, does your life reflect who you are and are you living your vision?

Are You Ready for a Life Coach?

If you got to the third question above, and answered “No” then you are ready to hire a life coach.  To get the most from working with a life coach, you also need to be ready to make changes in your life.  There is a saying, “change your behavior, or change your belief.”  Coaching is not a place to simply vent!   I work best with clients who are ready to take action and make changes now.  People who want to become more proactive, less reactive.  Explore and create a new future.  People with a purpose or a vision, and who want to fulfill it or create it . . . soon!

If you want to create your future, I’d love to work with you!